Recognize Collection

Build a collection from scratch and add it to NFT Explorer
This does not verify your collection. After recognizing a collection, you mayapply for verificationif you meet our requirements
Step 1
Step 2

Select all addresses you wish to create your collection with in MyAlgo Wallet. Once the addresses have been selected, please verify each wallet with a 0 ALGO transaction.
This transaction doesn't get published onto the network. We use the transaction to validate you are the owner.

You can click "Select your accounts" above to select multiple addresses

Creator Addresses

Max 10

You won't be able to progress until all addresses have been verified.

No addresses selected yet.

Advanced Settings

Patterns are common characters used across your collection's unit names. E.g, JNFTN-01, JNFTS-02, JNFTU-03. The common pattern would be "JNFT". Providing patterns is optional, but required when using the same address for different collections
Max 5
Add Pattern

You can enter details about your collection in the next step

Featured Image

Choose the asset that will be used as your featured image for your collection on NFTx.
If you aren't able to select any, make sure you have configured the above correctly and have assets that have images.

Collection Preview

This displays all assets that match the provided information above.
For further adjustments of your collection, edit the Advanced Settings to view more advanced ways to remove unwanted assets.
If no assets are displayed, try adjusting your advanced settings.

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