NFT Explorer API

Please visit ourdocumentationfor a full outline of what we offer

Choose the tier which is best for you, select up to 1 months and sign the transaction to receive your NFTx API authorization token.
Endpoints to access a specific collection's information may require an authorization token created by any of the collection's creator addresses or is above a certain tier.
Please check the documentation of the endpoint for more info
Make sure you are signed in with your collection's creator address before signing any payment transactions!


For those wanting to experiment. You still need a token to access the API

Up to 1 requests a sec
Up to 25 requests a day
2 per month


Small projects wanting to dip their toes into the NFTx API

Up to 1 requests a sec
Up to 1,000 requests a day
84.40 per month
$19 per month


Pro tier usage for projects/devs that wish to create

Up to 2 requests a sec
Up to 10,000 requests a day
173.30 per month
$39 per month


The best for large projects that want to fully utilize our API

Up to 4 requests a sec
Up to 50,000 requests a day
351.10 per month
$79 per month
Once you recieve your authorization token, do not lose it or share with anyone!