🤖 will keep your Discordserver up to date with the latest listings and sales of your collection! Only on Algorand!

Ever wanted to have a mini version of plugged right into your Discord server? Well now you can! is able to detect and update any text channel with the latest listings across each listing platforms that supports, as well as inform you of the latest sales for your collection

AB2 Listings Element

All blockchain listings on Sale/Listing preview

Sales Element

All sales across all supported marketplaces performed on the Sale/Listing preview

How much does cost?

The bot can either be subscribed to as a full package or as separate elements. A single element of the would be all sales. Another element would be the AB2 Listings. This allows you to pick and choose which elements of the bot you would like for your Discord server.


per element
for a maximum of 2 months. Can be renewed closer to expiry date

This will provide you with on your Discord server, and update specific text channels with listings and sale information of your choosing! The price also includes listings/sales of one collection (limitations apply).
Included is all future updates that will occur to the bot and updates that NFT Explorer will experience. As well as any support, feedback to improve the bot, and keeping the bot online 24/7 with next to no downtime.

How can I get on my Discord server?

Send an email to [email protected] or send a DM on Twitter to @nftexplorerapp and we will be able to organize and setup the bot on your server! Please specify all of the creator addresses you wish the bot to monitor, as well as if you would like all elements of the bot or only specific elements.
Please send a list of all of the creator addresses and unit name patterns you wish to use for your collection.
We aim to respond within 3 business days.