Get your collection recognised on NFTx

Anyone can instantaneously list their collection on NFTx by having it recognised. Our fully automated process adds your collection to NFTx alongside useful information. Once recognised, you’ll get a unique URL to share with your community! Please note this process costs US$ 25 per collection. This is a one-off fee.

Why get your collection recognised on NFTx?

  • Get listed on NFTx’s website with immediate effect!
  • Set up your collection page with custom information (including your artist name, collection description, and up to two social links).
  • Get a unique URL/ID.

Follow These Steps:

  1. Step 1 - Creator Addresses - select all addresses you wish to create your collection using a MyAlgo or Pera wallet. Once your addresses are set, please verify each wallet with a 0 ALGO transaction (please note this transaction doesn't get published onto the network; we use the transaction to validate you’re the owner).
  2. Step 2 - Featured Image - Choose the NFT you want to use as your promotional image for your NFTx collection (please note - if you can't select any NFT, ensure your wallet contains assets that have images and you have configured everything correctly in the previous steps).
  3. Step 3 - Collection Preview - displayed below are all the assets which match the information you provided in the previous steps. Use advanced settings for further adjustments (e.g. removing unwanted assets). If no assets are displayed, try adjusting your advanced settings.
Have you completed all the steps? Why don’t you now apply to get verified or check out our advertising options?