Collection Verification

The NFT Explorer verification process makes it easier to verify that the creator address of an asset is legitimate. This is especially useful for secondary market, to give buyers the confidence that your creations, once listed on sale again on sites such as AB2 and RandGallery, are for assets that have been created by you, and are not fake, immitations or malicious.

Our process tries to ensure that verified collections are original art-work, however, it is ultimately the buyers responsibility to ensure the artwork they are purchasing is original, legitimate and what they are intending to buy. declines all responsibility and cannot be held accountable/liable.

Once verified, your NFT collection will become a part of the site and have benefits for you the creator and all potential buyers.

  • Being featured on the front page as verified
  • Verified check next to any NFTs part of your collection

How do I get verified?

Verification is something we don't take lightly. Becoming verified shows that you have a collection that has creativity, potential but most importantly is believed to be an original effort. A collection can have a consistent theme with changing traits or be different, unique pieces of art all created by you.
We reserve the right to not verify collections, in various cases, including not only when we do not feel confident the art-work is original, but also when the collection does not meet the required standards.

How do I make a collection?


On NFT Explorer, you can make a collection using ournew recognize collection form. This adds your collection to our site and will allow you to have one beautiful collection to share with everyone! After recognizing, your collection will have a name, your artist name, description and links.



Verification is our way to show that a collection has original artwork and is the one true source. With the blockchain, anyone is able to create NFTs which comes with the added risk of bad actors attempting to steal and create false assets. For your collection to be verified, it must pass a set of fair requirements that we have laid out. For example, a certain amount of minimal assets created, certain amount of sales volume, certain amount of asset holders, etc.

To verify your collection, first recognize your collection on NFT Explorer. Then, once you think your collection fits our requirements and you have performed some drops/shuffles/etc, simply send us a direct message on Twitter (@nftexplorerapp)with a link to your recognized collection.

Verification is very popular and may take some time. It is a free service and we get many requests so please be patient!